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We hope you enjoy viewing the experiences which the pupils enjoy at school.

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2021 / 2022

Tregoyd Day 3

Tregoyd Day 2

Tregoyd Day 1

Pond Dipping in Class 3

Nursery Update (May 9th 2022)

Easter fun in Nursery

Class 3 get ready for Easter

Easter Activities

Class 1 and 2 update.

Children in Need Day (Part 1)

Children in Need Day (Part 2)

Class 3 – Odd socks!

Our week in Nursery (WB 8th November 2021)

Our week in Class 1 (WB 8th November)

Reception Graduation Photos

Our week in Class 1 and 2 (WB November 1st 2021)

Nursery update (October 2021)

Halloween (Updated with new photos)

Class 3 visit to Dan yr Ogof

Our week in classes 1 and 2 (15th October 2021)

The fun goes on in Nursery

Our week in class 3 (October 15th 2021)

Mental Health Awareness Day

Our week in class 1 and 2 ( 7th October 2021)

Class 2 Enjoy Fruit Tasting

Our week in Class 1 and Class 2 (September 30th 2021)

Our week in Nursery (September 30th 2021)

Nursery enjoy raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Class 1 and 2 getting busy.

Our Celebration Achievers

Getting ready for spring

Our week in Foundation Phase (September 23rd 2021)

Class 4 Outdoor Learning.

Our week in Foundation Phase (September 17th 2021)

Our week in Nursery. September 17th 2021

Well done to everyone who achieved a certificate this week!

Having fun in Nursery

Foundation Phase fun

Class 3 Return to School

Return of our Foundation Phase pupils

Nursery Update

2020 / 2021

Nursery Update

Party Time in Class 3

Party time in Classes 3 and 4

Party Time!

Class 3 Bug Hunting

Our Nursery Picnic

Year 6 Leavers

Y6 Memories of the Past (Part 2)

Y6 Leavers- Memories of the past

Y6 Leavers Presentation (Part 2)

Y6 Leavers’ Party (Part 1)

Outdoor Developments

Class 1 Update June 18th

Nursery Update 18th June

Outdoor developments

This Week in Nursery (June 11th 2021)

Learning about bugs in Nursery

Our World Book Day

Our Week in Nursery (WB May 17th)

Outdoor developments.

Our week in Nursery

Bug hunting in Class 1

This week in Nursery

Class 4 Working hard outside

Years 5 and 6 developing rugby skills with the Ospreys

Year 6 Leavers

Class 3 using our new resources from Morrisons.

Class 1 Outdoors

Class 1 spreading some cheer.

Nursery having fun outdoors.

Class 1 Having Fun

Superhero Day Part 6

Superhero Day Part 5

Superhero Day part 4

Superhero Day Part 3

Superhero Day Part 2

Superhero Day Part 1

Class 2 enjoying St. David’s Day

Having fun in Nursery

Class 1 Back together again

Getting the outdoors ready for spring.

Spreading cheer throughout hospitals in South Wales

A Term of Celebrations.

Science at Work in Class 3

Learning numbers in Nursery

Class 1 enjoying their learning.

Class 1 Getting Busy

Class 3 preparing for Christmas.

Nursery Update

Class 1 Update (2)

Class 1 Update

Children in Need (3)

Children in Need (2)

Children in Need (1)

Graduation Photos

Our Firework Poems (Class 3)

Class 3 enjoy our new gardening resources.

A weekly update from Class 1

A great week in Nursery

A great week in class 1.

What have Class 2 been getting up to this week?

Fun times in Nursery

Class 3 enjoying PE

Class 3 busy at work.

Lunch time for Class 1

Y6 working with Sally Holland – The Children’s Commissioner for Wales

Take a look to see what class 1 have been getting up to this week.

Planting bulbs ready for spring.

Getting messy in Nursery

Indoor and outdoor fun in Class 1

Perfect attendance in Nursery

Returning to School in Class 4

Fun in Nursery

Fantastic presentations in Class 3

Great fun in Class 1

Learning outdoors in Class 3

Enjoying our return to school in the Foundation Phase

2019 / 2020

St. David’s Day

Nursery Christmas Concert 2019

Class 1 Christmas Concert 2019

Class 2 Christmas Concert 2019

Class 3 and 4 Christmas Concert. Part 6

Class 3 and 4 Christmas Concert. Part 5.

Class 3 and 4 Christmas Concert. Part 4

Class 3 and 4 Christmas Concert. Part 3

Class 3 and 4 Christmas Concert. Part 2.

Class 3 and 4 Christmas Concert. Part 1.

DVLA Code Challenge Pictures

Children in Need Fundraising Day

Attendance prizes.

Pupil Groups

Tree Planting with Tai Tarian

Halloween Party Pictures

Class 2 making sandwiches with Warburtons

Our budding gardeners.

Super Ambassadors

Macmillan Afternoon Tea pictures.

Mad Science Assembly

Class 3 working with Technocamps.

Class 2 and 3 visit to the Butterfly Hunter (Part 1)

Class 2 and 3 visit to The Butterfly Hunter (Part 2)

Fantastic new outdoor resources.

Class Photos

Outdoor fun in class 1

2018 / 2019

Attendance Trip 2019

PTA Summer Party

Year 6 Leavers 2019

Nursery Concert 2019

Nursery Graduation

Nursery Fun Day Out

Class 1 and 2. Sports Day. Photo Collection 3.

Class 1 and 2. Sports Day Photos Collection 2.

Class 1 and 2. Sports Day Photos Collection 1.

Class 3 and 4. Sports Day. Photo Collection 3.

Class 3 and 4. Sports Day. Photo collection 2.

Class 3 and 4. Sports Day. Photo collection 1.

Nursery Sports Day 2019

Mad Science Club!

Class 2 at the beach.

Class 1 at the beach.

Class 2 National Marine Aquarium Day

Class 3 National Marine Aquarium Day

Class 1  National Marine Aquarium Day

Class 4  National Marine Aquarium Day


The final update from Tregoyd.

Today’s update from Tregoyd.

Rafting in Tregoyd

Raft Building Take 2!

Orienteering Challenge

The Rope Slide

Even More Mud!

Trampoline Fun

Muddy Challenge Time

The Rope Slide

Outdoor Games

And on!

The fun goes on!

Tregoyd  And the fun continues!

Tregoyd Day 1

Year 6 Perform in the Holocaust Memorial Evening.

World Book Day 2019

.March Attendance Prize Winners

Red Nose Day Performers.

St. David’s Day Class Photos.

St. David’s Day Photos

Attendance prize winners Autumn Term 2018

Musical morning video clips.

Musical Morning photographs.

Nursery party with Santa.

Nursery Nativity 2018

Class 3 and 4. Let There Be Peace.

Class 2 Christmas Concert 2018

Class 1 (Mrs. Thomas) Christmas Nativity

Don’t Dance Alone 2018

Children in Need Day 2018

HalloweenDisco 2018

Y6 glazing their ceramic poppies.

Visit to Swansea Museum

Pottery Poppies

2017 / 2018

Prom 2018

Nursery sports day 2018

Tregoyd 2018