Staff and Class Structures

We have a well qualified and dedicated team of staff who put the needs of pupils at the forefront of their work. A large proportion of our staff readily devote their time after school and during residential weeks so that all pupils experience and  achieve their potential.

Headteacher  Mrs M. Teague

Deputy Headteacher Mrs C. Thomas (and Reception/Year 1 Teacher)

Classroom Staff


Nursery                                             Mrs. D. Jones

Reception & Year 1                         Mrs. C. Thomas

Year 1 & 2                                          Mrs. A. Williams

Year 3 & 4 & 5                                  Mrs. D. Davies

Year 5 & 6                                         Mr. D. Allen

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. R. Williams

Mrs. G. Ashby

Mrs. K. Morgan

Ms. J. Hawkes

Support Staff

Admin Officer                                      Mrs D. Lewis

Caretaker                                              Mr. G Hart

Cook in Charge                                    Mrs C. Taylor

Assistant Cook                                     Mrs D. Turner

Lunchtime Supervisors                      Mrs G. Ashby,  Mrs T. Pyles, Mrs J Hawkes, Mrs A Slocombe

Classes for 2021/2022

At the start of the academic year 2021 / 2022 there will be 129 pupils in attendance at our school, accommodated in 5 classes.

Nursery          19 part time

Reception      18 pupils

Year 1             17 pupils

Year 2             16 pupils

Year 3             15 pupils

Year 4             13 pupils

Year 5             13 pupils

Year 6             18 pupils